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Arthritis affects all ages.
Even Children.

Do you know?​

•Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability around the world. 

•It is a painful & sometimes fatal disease which can affect all ages. 

•Symptoms include joint pain, swelling, stiffness & disfiguration of joints leading to disability.

•An average patient can not afford it’s high treatment cost.


In a country like Pakistan, there are millions of underprivileged arthritis patients who can not afford treatment, their only option is to suffer!

Treatment for arthritis ranges from PKR 50,000 to PKR 500,000 per year, depending on the condition of the patient. Anyone who can not afford this treatment is subjected to a life of pain and disability.

Recent Events

Inaugural Ceremony of New ACF Clinic

Inaugural Ceremony of ACF (Institute of Rheumatic Diseases) at 12-B, New Muslim Town.

Lupus Awareness Seminar 2023

Arranged by Arthritis Care Foundation & Mir Khalil ur Rehman Memorial Society Jang Group of Newspapers and Endorsed by Pakistan Society for Rheumatology

World Arthritis Day 2022

(ACF) in collaboration with the Department of Rheumatology, National Hospital & Medical Centre Lahore organized an Arthritis Awareness Program to commemorate "World Arthritis Day".
Key Highlights of ACF’s contribution
Patients saved from getting crippled
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Lupus patients saved from ending up with dialysis
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Million PKR spent ACF projects since 2010
Patient getting free of cost treatment
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Rheumatologists Trained by ACF
ACF Charity Clinic & Dispensary

ACF Charity Clinic & Dispensary

ACF opened charity clinics in Shadman in 2019 and has now relocated to New Muslim Town Lahore. We conduct clinics four days a week and provide free or subsidized consultations and medications to deserving patients through our dispensary.

Institute of Rheumatic Diseases

Institute of Rheumatic Diseases

Inauguration of state of the art Institute of Rheumatic Diseases at Central Park Medical Teaching Hospital. A collaborative project of Health and education foundation & ACF.

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ACF Charity Clinics at AFJOG House

ACF Charity Clinics at AFJOG House

Free weekly Rheumatology clinics were started at Akhtar Mubarik Referral Center (AMRC), Lahore in 1998 and later were moved to Association of Fatima Jinnah Old Graduates House. (AFJOG)


If you have lupus or have a loved one with lupus you deserve a safe space! ACF will be there for you!

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Yasir Shabbir is 15 years old student of 10th grade who has childhood arthritis since the age of 3 years. Uncontrolled disease and late diagnosis and access to rheumatologist has led to severe growth retardation and amyloidosis of the kidneys. He needs Enbrel Injection 50 mg every week. Cost of this treatment is around 1 million per annum.

YASIR SHABBIR Arthritis Patient

Asif Liaqat 27 years young male having bad Anakylosing Spondylitis leading to permanent damage to left hip joint, barely able to walk with a stick. His monthly income is only Rs. 12,000. He needs assistance for hip replacement surgery worth Rs. 200,000 and medications worth Rs. 900,000 per annum to control his disease and save his other joints from irreversible damage.

ASIF LAIQAT Arthritis Patient


With your support ACF has changed lives of many deserving patients suffering through Arthritis.

Services of ACF

At Arthritis Care Foundation  we offer the most advanced
effective treatments to deserving patients.

What Makes ACF Unique?

Our Team


ACF was created by a group of highly trained, qualified professionals in this field with years of experience and research

Our Vision


Every patient with arthritis should have access to standard of care to prevent disability & premature death

Our Mission



To establish, encourage, assist and support, medical, social welfare and educational activities, pertaining to deserving or under privileged patients

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